Welcome to We dream big here and we want to help you achieve all of your medical goals. We know what it’s like going through a rigorous program while trying to juggle life outside of it. It can be easy to lose sight of your goal, so we offer incentive based products that help maintain your focus. Medscratch will be there with you when you finish your program and achieve your dream!

We offer creative solutions with dynamic content custom designed for your journey. Carry medscratch with you every step of the way! View our latest product “PA Journey”.


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Congrats! You have been picked over hundreds of other candidates to attend PA school. Now a new challenge awaits…getting through PA school and passings your boards! Use “PA Journey” to track your progress through your program.

In a digitally dominated world, MedScratch aims to give you something tangible that you can physically hold in your hand. Our product size is versatile enough post on your fridge, wall, or carry with you to the classroom. Let “PA Journey” be with you every step of the way. There are scratch areas from start to finish. Areas include didactic, clinicals and even the PANCE! It was specifically designed for PA students and made by a former PA graduate.


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